Finding a pet-friendly rental property in London - and how a property consultant can help

Whether you are British or an EU national, you might be looking to rent in London with a pet (and it is the UK Government's intention that the movement of pets to and from EU countries will continue) so a pet friendly rental property will be a must. While most landlords prefer not to have pets in their properties there are plenty who will allow one (and sometimes more than one!).

So, start looking for "pet friendly rental" in Google and just see what comes up...?

Well, not if you are looking for a fine apartment in one of London's most sought-after streets, no (for example our recent search turned up significant accommodation in Wandsworth and Deptford but Holland Park did not feature on the first few pages). The likelihood is that the possibility of sharing your home with a pet will not be advertised. That is not to say it's not an option, but it may be that the agent handling the rental is not volunteering the information online. Given the popularity of pet-friendly rental accommodation the landlord may not want to be deluged with dog-owning potential tenants; preferring instead to assess each potential tenant on a case-by-case basis. Another issue, of course, is that high-end properties usually come with high-end décor and fine fixtures and fittings. The possibility of paw marks, scratches and stained carpets is going to make some landlords wary of pets at the very least but there might not be an outright ban…

The property finder / property consultant and pet-friendly rental accommodation

Of course, pet friendly rental accommodation is available in London's most sought-after districts. through our extensive network of contacts, developed over the past thirty years in West London, we can connect you to other properties where the landlord is pet-friendly. As experienced property finders we have multiple buyer and tenant criteria which we use in selecting high quality residences.

For more information on pet-friendly rental properties; or for any of your property hunting queries, please get in touch by phone or email

020 7370 4820. We have assisted discerning individuals in locating the right West London properties for over thirty years.