What can a London property consultant (or property finder) do for vendors?

In the internet age the maintenance of privacy is more challenging than ever and selling a home is fraught with difficulties. A generation ago a selection of fine properties might grace the pages of Country Life, for example, but, unless a prospective buyer was known to an estate agent and on the mailing list, it would be difficult for him or her to obtain much information about a particular house or apartment. Now, with so much online including floor plans and 360° imaging, our homes can be scrutinised from afar, by anyone with a smart phone.

Protecting your privacy

That may be fine for the majority of sellers but there are individuals for whom such exposure is most unwelcome. The home may belong to a celebrity whose

admirers would love to know every little detail about it. It might be that the home is being sold because of a very sensitive divorce, perhaps involving children. It might be that the owners regard themselves as targets of those who are ill-disposed towards them. There are perfectly good reasons why a couple

would not want anyone to know where they live. In such circumstances the sale of a property “off market” is by far the safest way for vendors to divest themselves of it, and this is where the property consultant, or property finder comes in.

The property consultant for marketing expertise

A London property consultant will advise on the best way to market a property. London is an international city and tastes vary considerably across nationalities so, for example, Asian-influenced décor may deter those with Scandinavian tastes. The property consultant understands these issues. If your property will not sell because of a particular characteristic or feature it is far better to know at the outset; not six months later. The property consultant will also have a list of

property hunters with the means to purchase a prestige home. He /she will either know them directly, or will know who is acting for them. The property consultant will not sit back and wait for an enquiry but will actively engage with prospective buyers to secure a sale as quickly as possible and, critically, will do so as discreetly as the conveyancing process allows. The vendors will be spared from all but the most appropriate viewers entering their home.

In a crowded market where many agents claim they can sell your property for the best price, and quickly, where do you turn for advice?