What does a London property consultant do?

The successful purchase of a London property involves many steps. There is, of course, the usual and unavoidable conveyancing process that is required in the purchase of any English property. However, London is an old and complex city and its prized central-west districts are full of pitfalls for the unwary buyer. The conveyancing process may be the least of your worries. The role of the London property consultant is to offer prospective buyers, especially those who are not UK citizens, an expert service that will save days or weeks of property hunting in an unfamiliar city. Equally important, it is to provide guidance on several critical areas:

1. Where to look for a London property, and why

A casual walk along a street in West London may tell you very little about its real nature. It may be quiet by day but noisy by night. Some of the houses may have facades that mislead. The street may be a favoured operating area of burglars or car thiefs. An underground line may pass directly beneath some of the houses. It is far better to know such things in advance.

2. The property viewing and negotiation process

A property consultancy zealously protects its clients' interests. Estate agents will not volunteer any negative information about a property; it simply isn't in their

interests. The London property consultant with many years of experience has learned to notice the small, critical details that busy prospective buyers may not. And to ask the right questions before the paperwork starts. A few tough questions at the start of the process may save weeks of difficult negotiation at the end.

3. Maintaining your privacy when purchasing a property

This might not be obvious but, if you are a high-net-worth individual, you may have very good reasons for not wanting your purchase to be in public view. You might be purchasing a home for your daughter while she studies at a London university. You may have a media profile that will attract unwanted attention. You may be divorcing and not wish this to be known any earlier than necessary. There are numerous reasons why discretion might be desirable and the property consultant will know how best to assist. The property consultant will, for example, be aware of a number of fine houses that are not being publicly marketed and be able to provide detailed information on all of them.

In our next feature we will explore in more detail why house hunters should use an expert London property consultant.